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I support Stand for Salmon and pledge to vote YES on election day. 

Alaska’s law for protecting salmon habitat hasn’t been updated in over 60 years and puts our salmon at risk. By updating an old law, we can limit damage to salmon habitat so that our wild salmon runs remain strong for future generations. We agree wholeheartedly that the following updates are essential: 

  1. Clarify important habitat characteristics that must be maintained to support salmon runs. (e.g. water quality, flow levels, fish passage) ​  
  2. Create common-sense standards for developers that will bring stability and transparency to ensure continued long-term access to good-paying jobs across industry sectors, while maintaining healthy salmon runs. 
  3. Clarify Alaska Department of Fish &Game’s (ADF&G) role in protecting any waterway that produces salmon so important salmon waters are not left unprotected.
  4. Require ADF&G to notify the public and give Alaskans an opportunity to participate in important decisions that could impact or harm our wild salmon. ​